Favourite Photo Friday – 28/3/12

Just for something different from Singapore photos, this week it’s Amsterdam and the Netherlands from our 2012 trip. It’s been grey and rainy here this week (Autumn has definitely arrived!).  It reminded me of our grey, damp days in the Netherlands……… and for that matter most of Europe in Autumn/Winter.

The canals of Amsterdam…….. it’s easy to get lost in that place – the canals wind around the city and they do look suspiciously the same (and that’s without visiting one of the coffee shops!).

D80 with Tokina 12-24mm  f4.0
ISO 800 focal length 22mm
Exposure: 1/125 @ f7.1

The distinctive buildings lining the canals of Amsterdam. It’s very obvious how crooked they all are.  Not a straight line to be seen anywhere in the city, yet they all keep standing!
D80 with Tokina 12-24mm  f4.0
ISO 800 focal length 12mm
Exposure: 1/30 @ f9.0

The windmills of Zaanse Shans. Some of these windmills are still in operation to grind spices among other things. It’s mostly a tourist trap (albeit a pretty one!).

D80 with Tokina 12-24mm  f4.0
ISO 500 focal length 24mm
Exposure: 1/200 @ f7.1

The fishing village of Volendam. Again, a tourist trap these days, but it did make for some nice photos, and some good waffles!
D80 with Tokina 12-24mm  f4.0
ISO 250 focal length 15mm
Exposure: 1/4000 @ f4.0

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