Astrid’s cake smash

We decided to do a cake smash to get some cute photos for Astrid’s 1st birthday party invites. Apparently you get strange looks from your 9.5 month old when you plonk them in front of a sugary cake at 9am and let them smear it everywhere. She was quite happy to participate but thought it was very odd behaviour on the part of her parents. At any rate we got a bunch of great photos. Way more than we needed.Total photo shoot time was about 4 minutes. Time to clean the baby was about 25 minutes. Time to clean the house about an hour and a half. Note to self, do not allow a small child to destroy an item containing both cream cheese and hundreds and thousands on the polished wood floorboards! I think there might still be some hundreds and thousands stuck in the joints.Here are a few of the many cute images……….

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