One year……….

Nine months of vomiting. Eight months of heartburn. Three months where I couldn’t walk because my pelvis didn’t work any more. Three and a half weeks of prelabour with constant contractions and little sleep. Fourteen hours of drug free labour and you were here…….Our cute little baby out in the big bad world.

So tiny and helpless but you quickly grew and learnt about your parents, your family and your home. Now it’s exactly one year on the outside. One year of nappies. One year of breastfeeding. One year of tears, tantrums and vomit. One year of making it up as we go along. One year of never knowing how long you will sleep for or I will get to sleep for. One year of having someone totally dependant on us. One year of gorgeous smiles, giggles and cuddles. One year of watching you get bigger, stronger and more beautiful each day. One year of watching you learn and explore. One year of being your mum and dad.

Happy first birthday Astrid Élodie.

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