Tech Savvy

Apparently being born in the 21st Century and having geeky parents means you learn to operate all manner of technological devices before your first birthday. I guess Astrid has always seen us using computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones and she doesn’t comprehend a world without them. In fact, she finds it odd that my laptop doesn’t have a touch screen (unlike our phones or her dad’s tablet) and is constantly swiping at it trying to get it to ‘change’.

When she was 6 months old she got a toy laptop from her great-grandparents, in a vain attempt to get her to leave our computers alone. Well, she has always loved ‘her’ laptop but it’s nowhere near as fun as mum and dad’s. She is constantly playing with our computers. She often emails random people from mine. Changes my font settings. Is obsessed with turning caps lock on and manages to open things I didn’t know existed. She also ‘chats’ to her dad in gmail. One day her chatting will make sense but for now he can usually tell when Astrid is helping as it makes slightly less sense than I normally do.

Hopefully all this computer interest will mean she might be able to fix one of the 7 million computers in our house when they break. There seems to be one broken every week, so that would be a useful skill. Learning to type at an early age would also be useful. If she inherits either of our handwriting styles, typing will be her best friend. Speaking of skills, lets not even discuss how she figured out that the remote from her toy plane opens and closes the curtains in the media room. She now wanders over to the toy bucket, pulls the remote out and points it at the curtains and waits for them to open or shut, then claps! Clever baby……

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