Astrid @ 15 months – Miss Cheeky Chops

Someone is getting cheekier by the day. Hard to believe I know, but she has some serious attitude (and is throwing some tantrums to match). Lucky she’s cute!!!

The other day I was on the computer and heard ‘mum, mum, jump, jump’ and I turn around and find someone has climbed onto the coffee table and is ‘jumping’. Let’s just say that kind of behaviour is not encouraged (although cute).

Astrid loves her new water bottle, and continues to shovel food into her gob like it’s going out of style!

She loves going out on alpaca walks, but despite the warmer weather, refuses to wear her sun hat and constantly replaces it with her beanie. Even on 27 degree days, the beanie is preferred to the pretty sun hat. We just figure a hat is a hat!

It’s now hard to get a photo of Astrid without her holding a lens cap, since she steals it as soon as I take it off the camera!

Oh and mum’s mouse is also fun to play with, especially when the USB can be removed for extra fun….

In between all the exploring and stealing of lens caps, Astrid likes to kick back and relax….

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