Another water baby!

When I was pregnant with Astrid she used to love it when I swam or was in the bath. She didn’t quite have the water birth we planned but she has always loved her baths and swimming! It’s hard to keep her out of the water…….

It seems her brother is also a fan. Again he used to like it when I was swimming, snorkelling or in the bath and he made his entrance into the world in the bath and loved floating around in there once he was born.  We figured he’d probably be a fan of the bath too and his first bath when he was 3 days old was a hit. He immediately stretched out his legs and had a good float around.

2017-01-17_0015 2017-01-17_0016

Astrid thought helping bath Soren was the best thing ever! She loves to stand on the helper stool and gently tip water over him as he floats around.


You do forget how small they are though. At this age you can just hold them in one hand. It didn’t take long for Astrid to outgrow the baby bath but for the newborn it’s so easy and convenient. Baths have certainly been a hit with young Soren and here he is at 10 days old, totally relaxed and loving it!


…… and just for comparison here is Astrid at 1 week and 3 weeks loving her bath! I think they do look remarkably similar, although Soren looks more boyish. I have more comparison shots I can post later but I think Soren is going to look a lot like his big sister as he grows up!

astrid bath 2 astrid bath

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