Such a toddler……

Even before Soren was born, Astrid was seeming very grown-up!  She is very definitely a toddler these days.  Now, with a newborn in the house she appears to be enormous and so far from a baby that it’s hard to remember her ever being that small.

I’m way behind on my photo editing this month, due to spending most of the day on the couch feeding a baby or expressing milk, but I’m trying to catch up when both kids are sleeping or the big one is playing.

I just found these photos from a few days before Soren was born.  Astrid’s Grandparents were returning from their 7 week overseas trip, 2 days before I was due and Astrid was beside herself with excitement. She had regularly video chatted with them while they were away but had missed them. The day they were due to fly in she was beside herself with excitement.  She chose her own outfit that day – a long top over a skirt, with shell necklaces and cat ears!  She then proceeded to dance around the family room in her attire in preparation for her grandparents arrival.

Then the next day we had to demonstrate how cheeky we are, doing ‘exercises’ on my fitball and playing with my jewellery.


Definitely all grown up and  not a baby anymore!

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