How to cool a camelid!

Like most of South-Eastern Australia, we’ve had a very hot January! Lots of days over 35 and a few around (and over 40).  Our alpacas don’t particularly like hot weather.  We had them shorn at the start of December and it was lucky we got them shorn when we did. It’s been pretty warm since then. Even in December we had lots of 30-plus days and a few over 35.

Inti and Chimu love frosty mornings but are not huge fans of the heat. With their Summer hair-cuts they aren’t too bad at staying cool, as long as they have shade and access to cool water.  If we had a pool they would lay in it but they have to make do with their water bowl and a big tub. On hot days we walk them early in the morning or in the evening and they spend the day laying around in the shade (and intermittently sunbaking in the sun – they are like giant cats in that regard).

On days where it gets above 34 or 35 we turn their sprayers on for them on a regular basis so they can get a nice fine, misty, spray to wet them and help them cool off.  They do like to sit in the spray and have a bath.  We used to have a rotating sprinkler for them and Chimu would dance in it. These days they have their sprayers which help to keep them comfortable on these hot days.  They do have a tendency to smell like wet woolly jumpers after a spraying but it’s all part of the charm, right?

Before we know it we will be back to freezing mornings but for now it’s air-conditioning, camelid style!

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