8 years and counting……..

We’ve been married 8 years today!  I posted last year about trying to finish the wedding album by the next anniversary. In the last year I have finally finished our wedding album…….. Better late than never 🙂

Here are a few pics from our wedding day.  Ah to be so young again!

We just got back from a trip to Singapore. A week and a bit short of 8 years later we were back there…… this time with the kids in tow.

Here are a couple of pics of us Nic  and Anto at the butterfly park (and Anto on the cable car)- then ……….

and now! -quite a few wrinkles, grey hairs and two kids later!

Last year we celebrated our anniversary by a night away in a hotel (child free), a nice dinner and a gold class movie, and a relaxed child-free breakfast.  Astrid was big enough to be minded by the grandparents overnight and didn’t miss us at all.  This year the wedding anniversary might be celebrated by a movie and some dinner kid free. Soren is still too little to leave for long, but we might try and escape for a few hours while the grandparents babysit and the kids hopefully sleep!

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