Astrid Élodie is three……..

It seems like just yesterday I was heading to the hospital about to become a mum, but it’s been three years. Three years since we bought home that tiny newborn that grown into a gorgeous little girl.  The baby is gone, the toddler is rapidly disappearing and she has become a little girl.  Surely it was just the other day I was writing about her turning one, and then again when she turned two. It’s funny reading those blog posts. Oh how she has grown, but yet she has stayed the same. It seems like nothing has changed but at the same time everything has.  Now she is three.

I really didn’t think it was possible for them to change and grow so much from 2 to 3. I look back at the photos of when she was just two and she seems like a little toddler. Now she is my big girl.

Three years ago we came home with this…….

Look at her now…….. so grown up!

The last year has seen you grow and learn so much. Since you learnt to talk, you have never shut up. You were already holding full conversations with us at 2, but now it’s all about needing to know ALL the answers to ALL the questions ALL the time.  It’s not just why….. but why, how, what, when, who and ‘explain how that works please’.  We are so sick of hearing these all the time we have had to teach you how to ask ‘why’ in different languages! At least that adds variety to our day (and amuses old ladies at the supermarket).

If nothing else, your need to know about everything keeps us on our toes. Memorable conversations from this week include: how 2-part epoxy glue works; the phases of the moon; how rising agents work in baking, exactly what happens when you die; states of matter; and the difference between fur, fleece, scales and skin…..

You remember everything we have ever told you, every place you have been and everything you have done. Yet you still forget not to pick your nose and think that napping shouldn’t be compulsory. If it weren’t for you telling us how to do things we might just not survive, how did we get by all those years without your helpful advice?

The last year has seen you become a big sister, a job you have taken to like a duck to water. Not an ounce of jealousy from the time your brother arrived and you are besotted with him, and he adores you.  Watching Soren grow has reminded us of how much you have learnt in the past 3 years. It’s an amazing transition from tiny helpless baby to intelligent little girl who never stops talking, thinking or moving!

We hope you have enjoyed a year of fun activities, swimming, gymnastics, holidays in Australia, holidays overseas, more hotels and planes (just like you requested last year), lots of baking, lots of mud and lots and lots of books.  You are clever, stubborn, funny, cheeky, gorgeous, frustrating, challenging, kind, independent, loving, bossy, inquisitive, and just too cute…… you can also throw one hell of a tantrum. As you like to tell us on a daily basis ‘I am Astrid Élodie’.

Happy3rd birthday Astrid Élodie! I’m sure the next year will be full of adventure and surprises and we can’t wait to see you grow, learn and flourish. 

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