Jumping in muddy puddles…….

Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for, but I do try to be the fun mum at least some of the time so what is a bit of washing for some toddler fun? After a few rainy days, Astrid and I took the alpacas out for their daily walk, and thought we might try for some puddle jumping fun.  Astrid was duly equipped with gumboots and her rain coat and we went off in search of muddy adventures.

Not far from our house we found a puddle…… admittedly it was only a small one, and apparently not nearly muddy enough for Miss Astrid but it was a good start!

So we headed down to the underpass near our house where she was happy to pose for some cute shots.


Enough delaying though, there were puddles that needed to be jumped in! Luckily I knew where there were likely to be some really nice and muddy ones. Sure enough we found some.  Astrid was ecstatic with the mud, glorious mud….


After several minutes of puddle jumping we located some really big and deep ones. I resigned myself to lots of wet clothes and water-logged boots and let her loose.

Toddler + mud = fun!  The alpacas on the other hand are a bit precious and don’t like to get their feet wet.  They looked on as Astrid splashed mud everywhere, careful not to get caught in the crossfire. They lapped up the sunshine to dry out their poor bedraggled fleece.

Once we ran out of suitably muddy puddles to jump in, it was time to run, jump and skip in the afternoon sunshine……. until the cold wet feet got the better of her and it was time to go home and warm up!

An afternoon of cheap fun, lots of cute photos and I managed to get them all while walking two large, wet and soggy, mud-fearing alpacas…….. and not get any mud on the camera!

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