Our Autumn Sunshine Coast Visit Part One – Beaches, Pools and Fun in the Sun……

We try and head up to the Sunshine Coast a couple of times a year to visit my parents and sister. Our last visit was Christmas and we thought we’d squeeze another visit in during the few weeks my parents were actually at home, between all their overseas adventures.

In May it’s normally pretty cold in Canberra so an escape North is not unwelcome.  We headed off early one Tuesday morning to the airport and Astrid and Soren enjoyed a second breakfast and a play in Qantas club.


Aside from constant spoiling by Granny, Gramps and Aunt Triona, the highlight of Astrid’s trip is always the beach.  It didn’t matter that it was only about 25 degrees, and the water was colder, she was determined to go swimming.  She started out with building some sand castles on the beach with Gramps and a little running around posing in her trendy new sunglasses…..

Then it was time to run and jump in the waves…..  It was a little cold for the rest of us but Astrid had a ball (as usual)!

Soren had his first beach visits at Christmas at 2 months of age, and mostly slept through them. This time we decided to see if he would like to put his feet in the sand and the water. At first he was a fan, and then he objected, so went back to chewing on shovels with Granny and giving huge grins.

Not long after this he got a little grumpy with the sound of the waves and the wind so his beach adventure was cut short.  Astrid also disliked the beach at a similar age! With a grumpy Soren on our hands, but a big sister who wouldn’t leave the beach unless she was carried out kicking and screaming, we decided to placate them both with a fish and chip lunch by the beach. Soren is quite the fan of fish, and his sister is a seasoned fish and chip eater. I think Soren thought the dessert watermelon was even better though….

On days we didn’t go to the beach there was still time for swimming in the pool, or at least the heated spa of my parents pool.  The pool was unheated and rather cold, but the spa was like a hot bath and big enough for some swimming practice.  Both kids are still fans of swimming and we spent some time down there pretty much every afternoon.

There was certainly no lack of water-based fun but we also got up to a few other bits and pieces during our trip. That is enough photos for one post though, so the rest of what we got up to in the next post!

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