4 Chocolate cakes and a growing Astrid……..

Anto loves chocolate cake – all forms of chocolate cake! Every year for his birthday he asks for a different variation on a chocolate cake.  Somehow his daughter has also inherited his love of chocolate and it hasn’t taken her long to appreciate the fine art of chocolate cake eating.

Another year and another Anto birthday (with chocolate cake of course). Here is a look back at some chocolatey concoctions and a growing Astrid tucking in to the cakey goodness.


Astrid was 2 months old and seemingly oblivious to the lure of chocolate cake! Milk was the food of choice for her but if only she knew what she was missing 🙂


Astrid was 14 months and definitely knew what chocolate was all about!  The cake was of course chocolatey……..

Astrid was keen to get into it, and she certainly did!

That night she was a little grumpy post cake. No she wasn’t a toddler goth, she had just been eating more cake!



At 2 and 2 months and with the assistance of her helper stool Astrid was ready to help make her dad’s birthday cake!

She was now also experienced in candle blowing out and of course cake consumption………



At 3 and 2 months, Astrid is now a baking whiz and made a fair proportion of the blackforest cake herself! Yes, she was great at layering it too!

This year there were two of them to assist with candle blowing. Although Soren was more interested in eyeing off the cake (which he wasn’t allowed to eat) than blowing out candles.

Astrid thought the cake tasted pretty good. She didn’t have to share this year, but she’d better watch out next year because her brother is likely to give her a run for her money in the cake eating stakes!


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