A Camelid Christmas, the 2014 edition…….

I previously posted about our Christmas preparations. This year Astrid was quote ‘extremely excited about Christmas.’  Finally the day arrived.  As usual we were up late the night before making sure the food was all prepared and the presents were laid out.  The tree did look very pretty, all lit up and surrounded by mountains of gifts (our tree was the central repository for the entire extended families gifts, it would appear).  We did add Astrid’s new bike to the pile, just before we went to bed. I wasn’t wrapping that one!

Despite not wanting to go to sleep on Christmas Eve, Astrid did sleep until almost 7am and stayed in bed until her groclock told her it was time to get up (well trained child!). Once up though the excitement level was at extreme. Even Søren was getting pretty excited, despite not really having a clue about what was happening.

We always have breakfast before present unwrapping.  Luckily Anto had started cooking breaky while I was feeding Søren, so there wasn’t too much of a delay for Astrid.  When discussing options for our Christmas morning breaky, Astrid had requested French toast with caramelised banana, like I had made for Anto’s birthday in August.  The adults had espresso soaked chocolate panettone French toast with caramelised banana and maple cream, the kids got the non-espresso version (we didn’t need them any more hyper that day)!

The kids were pretty happy with their breaky (as were the adults)…… carb and sugar overload before 8am is a good start to Christmas.  Soren gave it the 3 fingers up!

We had delayed the present opening long enough, and once we were all dressed for the day, present opening round one began.  In previous years Astrid has carefully and meticulously opened every present and picked up all the paper.  Not this day – she ripped into each present with no hesitation.  Søren wasn’t so sure about the whole thing, and then started ripping paper like an old pro, even when it wasn’t his present!

Once Astrid and Søren had opened the presents from us (and I had at least opened the box of one of mine between stopping Søren taking baubles off the tree and trying to rip all the presents open), we had a short break to make sure the turkey was stuffed and in the oven.  There were seven for lunch, including 2 small kids and 2 vegetarians but we apparently ‘needed’ an 8.5kg turkey. It was almost bigger than Søren (who is a bit over 9kg) and not far off Astrid size.

Turkey in the oven, it was time for present opening round two, via video chat with Granny, Gramps and Aunt Triona in Queensland.  The kids were definitely in the swing with the present opening now. Anto and I did well with a new Kitchen Aid mixer. Søren  just loved playing in the box!


Although there was too much excitement with the paper, boxes, toys and baubles, Søren needed a nap before lunch, so to bed he was sentenced!  In the meantime Anto’s parents and brother arrived. It was time for more food (it had been at least minutes since breakfast).  We had some nice dips, cheese and antipasti and a cocospritz cocktail…….  Astrid and Lorraine helped to set the table up, with Astrid’s home made place cards and the snow she had been growing.

While Søren was napping it was time for present opening round three……. all the ones with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mikl and anything else we hadn’t opened.  Astrid might have been getting a bit tired but she was still keen to keep unwrapping (and helping everyone else unwrap theirs).  Søren didn’t sleep quite long enough for our liking, he must have heard about there being more presents to open……

Then finally it was time for lunch. Astrid had popped herself up at the table a good half an hour before food was actually ready, eagerly anticipating the turkey feast.

On the menu was:
*Roast turkey with apple and caramelised onion stuffing and turkey gravy
*Sweet potato and onion wellington with salsa verde (vegetarian main)
* Roast pumpkin and parsnip with sweet garlic and crispy sage
* Cauliflower, onion and gruyere gratin
* Confit garlic green beans
* Home-made cranberry sauce

Even though we were stuffed to the gills, we had to have that Christmas pudding we had made a month earlier.  Astrid and Søren were pretty keen on dessert. Not ones to say no to pudding and custard those two!

*Home-made steamed cherry and brandy Christmas pudding
*Home-made vanilla custard

Despite being in a food coma, we thought we’d better head over to my grandparents to see them while my Pa was on day-release from the hospital.  The kids, had even more presents to open and Nan and Pa enjoyed opening their presents from us.  Sadly we were too full for more Christmas lunch so after a quick visit and play with their new toys, we had to say goodbye as Søren was desperately in need of a nap (and Astrid wasn’t faring much better).

Two tired little munchkins made it through to bed time (somehow)…….  They didn’t get a chance to play with all the new toys and games on Christmas day but we have been doing plenty of playing since.  The sandpit is still probably the biggest hit, but robofish and kinetic sand aren’t far behind!

That’s the wrap of Christmas 2014, Camelid Castle style.  Only 51 weeks until we do it all again!