Wrapping up the Denmark portion of our trip

We had 6 nights and 5.5 days in Copenhagen to start off our 7 week European adventure.  This is actually the longest time we have in any one spot during our trip, but we allowed a little extra time to get over jet lag.  Despite landing in Copenhagen after 33 hours of travel and little sleep, and going from mid-30 degree temperatures to not much above zero, we manage to squeeze a lot of activity into a short space of time!

For this part of our trip we rented a 3 bedroom house in Copenhagen, in a fairly central location, only 4 stops into the Central station.  For most of the activities we wanted to do we were only a few stops and 1 or 2 trains away.  We did use public transport extensively to get around, plus walked between 10 and 15km a day. The public transport system is excellent and we had no complaints. We rarely had to wait long for a train and they were clean and efficient (although a lot of graffiti on the outside which was amusing).

The house was good for our group of 6, but was split over 3 levels with a terrifying staircase up and down. The bathroom was on the lower level which made taking the kids to the toilet during the night a pain, otherwise we had no issues at all with it. There was a lot of living space, a huge dining room table and plenty of places to sit. The kitchen was well equipped and we cooked breakfast and dinner most nights.  The toaster was somewhat not kid friendly and not what we were used to, but aside from that we all survived!


We had pre-purchased Copenhagen cards which gave us free entry to most of the activities we wanted to do.  They also gave us free transport for the majority of our stay.  We purchased the 5 day cards as this covered all but our last afternoon and we well and truly made our money back on them by about day 3.  They are worth looking into if you are planning a visit to Copenhagen.

Denmark is very expensive if you are paying in Aussie dollars.  Having accommodation with cooking and washing facilities saved us money as we mostly only ate out at lunch. The Copenhagen cards also saved us overall on transport and entertainment costs.  We did buy snacks and hot drinks most days, as holidays aren’t much fun if you don’t have any treats, but we tried to keep this to a minimum as coffee and other food was very expensive.

We all enjoyed our stay in Copenhagen. Both Anto and Alan had visited at previous times but we did and saw enough different things that another visit was worthwhile for them. There were also plenty of kid-friendly activities and the kids loved Tivoli, the zoo and the bike tour.  They enjoyed lots of running around in the parks and gardens and were big fans of sausages, hot chocolates and the Christmas markets.

We didn’t get a chance to explore beyond Copenhagen but I would love to return one day to do just that. It would also be great to wander the parks and gardens in the warmer months when I am sure they are even more beautiful. It’s an extremely bike friendly city and if it had of been warmer we would have rented bikes and biked around more than just the half day that we did on the tour. Absolutely the best way to see the city.

The weather was fairly cold but not unbearable, we took a couple of days to adjust from the hot Summer weather of Australia, but aside from 1 day of icy winds and one evening of rain we had (almost) perfect Copenhagen Winter weather. We even got blue skies on several days which we believe is quite unusual.

If you need more detail on any of our Copenhagen activities check out the posts from our 5 days there or feel free to ask any questions in comments.  I’ve included a selection of my favourite pictures from our Copenhagen stay in the gallery below (click-through to see them) but there are hundreds of pictures and more details in the individual posts for the days we were in Copenhagen.

I hope you enjoyed the posts about our visit to Denmark. We are currently in Sweden so lots of posts about Sweden coming up!

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