Dancing at sunset…..

We are lucky enough to live on a street with plenty of open space directly across the road.   This is great for walks and taking the kids and/or alpacas out for a play. We often have cows and kangaroos to visit and no shortage of dogs to say hello to.

We still had beautiful warm weather right through April.  I was often walking the alpacas in the early evening, just before dinner. One night in mid-April Astrid thought I should take her and my camera along on the alpaca walk, just so I could take some pictures of her, without her pesky little brother muscling in on the shots.  She is most definitely not camera-shy, my Astrid!

We have this little grove of massive pine trees, just metres from our house, that makes an amazing place to play when you are 4!  The alpacas were more than happy to stand around munching while Astrid went searching for pine cones and dandelions.

2016-06-07_0001 2016-06-07_0002 2016-06-07_0003 2016-06-07_0004


When you are 4, dancing around at sunset on a warm Autumn evening  is a pretty fun thing to do.  Oh to be 4 again…..

2016-06-07_0006 2016-06-07_0007 2016-06-07_00092016-06-07_0008 2016-06-07_0010Then you have to find as many dandelions as you can so you can blow on them to make a wish……..

2016-06-07_0011 2016-06-07_0012

9 thoughts on “Dancing at sunset…..

  1. The rim light!!! The rim light is to die for!!! Absolutely beautiful Nic. Yay for willing models who look super amazing blowing dandelion seeds all about the place 🙂

    1. Very cute! It’s super hard to capture the seeds blowing. The backlighting actually helps as you can prefocus/meter off their face and then recompose for the seed blowing and just burst shoot to get it.

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