Just because it’s Winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit the beach…….

During our short school-holiday trip to Kangaroo Valley we took a couple of detours for some beach time.  One day we headed down to nearby Seven Mile Beach.  The kids are massive beach fans, and while being mid-Winter it was definitely too cold for swimming….that didn’t stop them from having some beach fun.


Soren kept repeatedly saying ‘please can I swim in that’…… not a chance mate, but both kids made do with plenty of running and dancing on the sand.

2016-08-12_0002 2016-08-12_0003 2016-08-12_0004 2016-08-12_0005 2016-08-12_0006 2016-08-12_0007

Then there were the sticks, apparently drawing with sticks is always fun (they do it every time they go to the beach).  Astrid always loves to write her name.

2016-08-12_0008 2016-08-12_0009

2016-08-12_00342016-08-12_0013 2016-08-12_0014

While it was a rather mild (for Winter) day, it was pretty windy.  Luckily while the kids were happy playing in the sand, this gave us plenty of chances to put my new wide-angle lens through its paces.  The spray off the water, and the Winter light made for some great shots.

2016-08-12_0021 2016-08-12_0022



Of course Astrid (ever camera-shy) had to get in on the action.  This pretty much sums up her feelings about beach visits, even when you can’t swim.



We eventually dragged them away (without anyone getting too wet).  We had to promise another beach visit before our return to Canberra the following day.  As the weather in Canberra had been rather frosty, we decided to take the long way back, heading home down the coast, via Nowra and Bateman’s Bay.  Due to road work this turned out to be the very long way back, but it did mean that we got to prolong the warm…….. 18 degrees compared to under 8 degrees and icy winds in Canberra. It also meant the kids got their promised fish and chips for lunch in Bateman’s Bay.

2016-08-12_0026 2016-08-12_0027

Fish and chips while watching seagulls and pelicans isn’t a bad way to wrap up our mini-holiday.  It was way too windy to spend any time at the beach, but it was a nice stretch of the legs before the final trip home.

2016-08-12_0028 2016-08-12_0029 2016-08-12_0030

Beaches are always winners with the kids…….




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