Spring garden goodness…….

With all the travel blogging this year I haven’t shared many garden pictures.  I love to take photos of my garden (that is how my photography obsession started, now well and truly replaced with kiddy and travel photo spam instead…….).

We had a particularly strange Spring here in Canberra, lots of rain, not too much wind through September, and lots of mild days. My garden went a little crazy, flowers everywhere!

I had lots of fun taking photos of the changing garden over the Spring months. It’s always nice to take pictures of non-moving and compliant subjects for a change (well the bees are never cooperative, but the flowers are at least).  I also did a little experimenting with different lighting conditions so that my photos don’t quite look the same as ever other year.

I’ve created some galleries below so you can see how the garden changed throughout the Spring months.  Click on any photo to see it larger….  These are just a few of the photos, there was a lot going on this Spring.  The rain and sunshine meant lots of beautiful flowers but also lots of hours spent weeding.  I know what I’ll be doing over the Christmas break, the weeds are taking over.

In the meantime enjoy some Spring garden goodness in picture form…… let me know in the comments if you have any favourite pics!


My garden is always full of blossoms from mid-August and they were pretty impressive this year, lasting well into September due to the lack of wind.  Our garden was constantly buzzing from the sheer number of bees feasting on the blossom trees.   The magnolias and hyacinths also put on a pretty impressive show, the best in a few years! Due to a very late start to Winter most of our daffodils and jonquils made a very early appearance around May/June but we did have a couple poke their heads up when they should have!


This was definitely the month of flowering bulbs.  A few extras had gone in during the Autumn but I also saw bulbs flowering I hadn’t seen for a few years, due to all the extra rain.  Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and we had a very impressive display this year. There was also a good crop of anenomes, Dutch irises, daisies and sweet peas. The magnolias, dogwoods and apple trees were flowering all through October too!


It had well and truly started to warm up during November, but we didn’t have the ridiculously hot days of the past couple of November’s so my tulips and Dutch Irises hung on well. The last of the spring-flowering bulbs appeared, with lots of lilies and peonies starting to poke their heads up.

I’ve had a pretty good supply of cut flowers for the house for the past few months, and have been giving my camera a pretty good workout too!

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