Astrid @ 14 months…… walking means exploring!!!

So I’m very behind on my blog posts. Miss Astrid is about to turn 15 months tomorrow and here I am just doing her 14 month post.

In an endeavour to catch up on posts before we go away I have just edited a heap of photos and will get some posted soon. Astrid started walking not long after her first birthday but it took a few weeks to go from the ‘zombie walk’, staggering around, arms outstretched, to confident walking. She is now pretty much running everywhere, and has little fear!

 Now that she is confident with her walking she is into everything. I seriously spend my whole day tripping over everything she has removed from drawers or cupboards and helpfully scattered around the floor (or on the cat). Yes, she likes to give ‘presents’ to the cats 🙂

 The best bit about mobility is that she is now allowed to play outside, at least when the weather isn’t freezing. The garden is a wonderous place when you are 14 months. Here is Astrid in her 14 month cuteness!

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