Autumn colour

The last few weeks have seen spectacular Autumn colours in our garden.  We have a heap of deciduous trees planted throughout the garden. Firstly because they are pretty, secondly because they grow well in our climate, and thirdly because they work well on the North side of our house where they shade in summer and let light through in Winter.

I have been a little slack with taking photos of them this year, but they have put on a good display so here is a collection from the last couple of weeks……..  I haven’t enhanced the colours on these photos at all. This is what the colour actually looks like, no photography trickery here!

The Forest Pansy, Manchurian Pear and other tree I can’t remember the name of (the red one):

Our grouping of Japanese Maples:

I love how these have lots of different colours simultaneously

The Chinese Pistachios:

There are still a reasonable number of leaves on the trees and the colours are still lovely. Another week or two and they will all be gone and I’ll have to get around to cleaning up the big piles of wet leaves on the ground…… the definite downside to lots of decidious trees!

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