Would anyone like to take a guess?

I’m always curious about people’s predictions for when a baby might arrive, how big it might be and of course whether it’s a boy or girl.  Some people have very firm ideas, others just like to have a guess. Some use highly scientific methods like bump shape and size, others go on gut feeling.

At my baby shower for Astrid people put their guesses down for how big she might be and when she might arrive. Some of the guesses were quite hilarious. From memory no one picked the exact date or size but a few got close!  Some of the size guesses made me a little worried but as it turned out she was on the large size anyway.

So would anyone like to guess when baby #2 might arrive, how big they might be and whether they are a boy or girl?

To help you out, Astrid was 3.825kg, 51cm and a week overdue!  If you want to look at my bump there are some recent pics here to assist you with your guessing……..

So guess away, winner gets the glory and bragging rights!

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