The smiley, giggly 3 month old!

I’m sure I just posted about Soren being 2 months……. Well on Monday he turned 3 months! I’d better start planning the first birthday party 🙂  In the last month the gorgeous smiles have turned to non-stop cooing, chatting and giggling.  He now is getting control of his hands and loves to bash at toys. Even if the bashing is a bit haphazard at times. he is also trying desperately to roll. A skill his sister did not master until well after 7 months! He is also starting to move himself by wiggling everywhere.

Soren is still a littlie at 4.8kg and 57cm.  He has grown 1.1kg and 8cm since birth though, so he is seeming not so small to me these days, despite the 000 clothes still being quite roomy. Soren’s third month has been full of adventure and very busy.

Here are a collection of photos of what he has been up to! In the last month he has taken his first aeroplane flights and first time sleeping away from home, not a fan of the portacot despite appearances!

Been the the beach and his first swim in the pool!

Had his first Christmas (twice!)

What else has been up to?  Well mostly sleeping, eating, grinning, giggling and being cute.  He enjoyed his 2 weeks in Queensland with his Queensland grandparents and aunt.  Lots of laying around enjoying the sea breeze and getting endless cuddles and attention.

At home he has discovered the joy of watching the cricket on my lap or hanging out in his bouncer bashing toys around

He is still a huge fan of the bath.  Sadly too big for the baby bath now but the big bath is lots of fun!

Then it was 2014 and the smiles and giggles just got cuter…….

Two of Soren’s favourite people are dad and big sis.  He loves hanging with both of them! He is stealthily eyeing Anto’s computer these days and Astrid is fun to play on the floor with, or even just giggle hysterically at!

Finally, here is the now 3 month old, showing us his endless fascination with his chewing his fist at the moment. Please no teeth yet!

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