To sit, to crawl or to make mischief?

In the moving stakes, Astrid was rather lazy. She didn’t roll until well after 7 months, and even once she figured rolling out, she rarely did it. She sat unassisted at 5 months and would happily sit on her own and play with toys. She didn’t crawl until after 10 months (commando crawling) and real crawling was just before her first birthday.

Her brother on the other hand, has never been a fan of staying still. Even in utero he was constantly doing flips, and even got himself breech and back again in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I knew then that he was going to be trouble……  He has been rolling for several months now. He is constantly rolling all over his cot, the floor and me.  He figured out sitting on his own a couple of weeks back (finally, at 7 months).  Unfortunately it’s been difficult to get many photos of him sitting as he stays sitting for about half a second before taking off to roll or crawl.  The commando crawling, that he has been sort of able to do for quite awhile, is now a definite high speed pursuit…… and nothing is safe. Not the powerpoints, the cables, the stairs, shelves, the cats or the Astrid!  Babyproofing has been re-installed and things are being moved on a daily basis.  The toilet and the bathrooms are his favourite places to wander, and he seal crawls into the shower to see what we are up to, and loves to pay us a visit in the toilet.

In my efforts to get photos of Soren sitting on his own I have managed a comical series of poses.  He can sit as long as he wants to (when he wants to) but it rarely lasts long enough for me to get a photo. There is too much to do, it would appear, and Soren has to do it.

Once sitting has been rapidly abandoned, the chase is on……. generally for me, a cat, or even more importantly the camera! The number of shots I have from recent days that look a little like this……

A young man is very determined to get that black thing I like to point in his face! If I won’t let him chew the actual camera, then the strap will have to do.

Just to be sure, I wasn’t falsely remembering the blissful days of Astrid sitting and not yet moving (I did check with Anto and he assured me it did actually happen), here is the photographic evidence.  Astrid at 7 months, happy to sit and be cute for the camera! Not so many action shots from her, but the same cheeky grin 🙂

Astrid 7 months 1 Astrid 7 months 2 Astrid 7 months 3 Astrid 7 months 4 Astrid 7 months 5 Astrid 7 months 6 Astrid 7 months 7

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