This week’s baking with Astrid

There is no disputing that Astrid likes to bake! It is also a great way to keep her occupied (and relatively quiet) while her brother is sleeping.  She is fond of all cooking but particularly likes to bake with me because there is ample bowl licking opportunities and the finished product always tastes pretty good…….

In the last week or so we have made…

Pear and almond tart


Chocolate and raspberry biscuits


Vanilla cupcakes with butter cream icing

cupcakes (1 of 5)cupcakes (3 of 5)cupcakes (4 of 5)

The cupcakes were to share with friends when we went for a play date. Astrid’s favourite colour at the moment is yellow, so of course we had yellow icing. She also had a ball putting M&M’s and hundreds & thousands all over them.  Who can resist a toddler decorated pile of sugar?

Of course with all that baking there was the odd bit of beater and bowl licking!


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