Astrid & Soren on a sunny Sunday afternoon……..

A few weeks ago, the last weekend of Winter, we took the alpacas for a walk over to the paddock opposite our house for a bit of a chew of the grass and a gallop around.  It was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon so we took the kids, a ball and a blanket.  I happened to throw in the camera, and here are some of the photos…….

Søren – sitting around and enjoying the sunshine…….

Some days he will happily sit and watch the alpacas and the passing birds, dogs and cars.  This day, not so much! He as happy to sit and pose for photos for about 1.2 seconds at a time.  ‘Look Mum, I’m being cute….. oh too late, I’m off.  Dad can try and hold me but that isn’t going to contain me for long.’

Yep, he was wanting to crawl and chase the alpacas and the ball…….

 Commando crawling up and down a slope and over long grass. No problem for Søren. He was mighty quick, and wasn’t even fussed about crawling over cow pats…… I, on the other hand, was not such a fan of that!

Astrid loves a good play in the paddock.  When her brother took off with the ball, she was happy to play with sticks.

She is looking mighty grown up these days. She won’t often smile for the camera but she is still pretty cute!

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