Søren Augustus is one!

I say it in pretty much every post, but it’s hard to believe how quickly the time has gone since Søren was born. It’s true, the time passes even faster with the second child. I don’t know whether it’s because you are busier, or whether you are used to the long days (and nights) and sleep deprivation, but the time has flown.

Parenthood the second time around has certainly been easier. We mostly knew what we were doing, or we at least now know that if all else fails they eventually have to sleep, and napisan and babywipes will fix most issues (the others can be solved by coffee and chocolate after kiddy bed time). Life is certainly busier (and louder) with two kids –  but from the day he arrived, it was like Søren had always been here. Life went back to normal almost instantly, a new normal, but it was business as usual, just with an extra person in the family. Of course, when the second baby arrives you do wonder what the hell you were whinging about first time around, and why you thought just one baby was hard! You also realise that toddlers are much more work than newborns and to enjoy the ‘not moving and not talking’ phase of babyhood.

Well that ship has now sailed. Master Søren is well and truly mobile. He is not yet walking but the last couple of weeks have seen him confidently cruising furniture and starting to balance with only one hand holding on. He still doesn’t crawl properly but does his Søren-style commando crawl at break-neck pace. Nothing gets in his way, he will go over or through things if necessary.

Søren, is loud, very loud! He has a few words: Mum, Dad, bub, cat, hello and this weeks new one ‘ball’. He mostly just babbles though and screams the few words he knows at top volume! He loves to blow raspberries and often cutely blows raspberries on my face first thing in the morning. He also has the loudest giggle and is very ticklish and breaks into fits of giggles when attacked with tickle fingers. He adores his sister and his favourite animals are the cats. He is partial to the alpacas too though and also shouts ‘cat’ at them!

Søren is a cheeky, cute, mischievous little baby. He loves to flash those big blue eyes and charm everyone with his grins, and then gives shy and innocent looks around strangers. He is definitely full of personality and a bit of a dare-devil at times. He will dismantle anything given the opportunity and there is nothing he won’t try to pull to bits, eat or destroy. Definitely a trouble maker.

Søren loves to eat, all food, all the time. There is nothing he won’t try. He has definite likes and dislikes and will deliberately throw things over the edge of the high chair to the cats if he doesn’t want to eat it, but most days he is a garbage disposal unit. It’s amazing he is still quite small for his age, given the volume of food that goes in!

When awake Søren does not like to stay still. A total wiggle worm, always moving and exploring. He still likes a good cuddle though 🙂 He is a super swimmer, loves to ‘butterfly’ in the shower and is great at swimming lessons – does his butterfly moves underwater and is a great kicker! I credit it with the water birth, he came up swimming and loves all forms of water.

It always amazes me how much they change in the first year. When you look back at the photos the differences, just in a week or two, can be dramatic. Seeing them every day it’s often hard to appreciate all the little changes. Having a tonne of photos to look back on can be wonderful, and there are quite a few photos of Søren’s first year. I thought I took a lot of Astrid’s first year but I think Søren has more! You can’t go back in time so it’s nice to capture the memories.

As I’ve posted about before, we had Søren’s birth photographed. You can read more about that here. A year on it’s lovely to be able to look at those photos and remember that special time. Here is the moment Søren arrived…..

A lot has happened since then! He is still pint-sized at only 8.7kg and 74cm but an awful lot bigger than that tiny newborn we first met.  Look at how Søren has grown in the last year…… it was hard to pick the photos to use, there were too many gorgeous ones but I hope you enjoy the 12 months of Soren cuteness!

It’s been a year of adventure, there has been weddings, planes, beaches, swims, jolly jumping, a trip to Singapore, road trips to Victoria, holidays in Queensland, long walks, short walks, train rides, zoo visits, alpaca walks, tram rides…… and lots and lots of food and cuddles! You can’t capture a year in photos, but here is just a glimpse of what we got up to……

Happy 1st birthday Søren Augustus, 

May your second year be just as full of adventure and excitement as your first…….

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