Jade, Sophie and the bump………

My lovely friend Jade is pregnant with her second baby.  The bub is due late January and I offered to take a few photos of her, her bump, and soon to be big sister Sophie. I know I felt particularly hideous when pregnant, but once that bump is gone, it’s nice to have some photos to look back on. It’s also lovely to have some photos with your first born before they become a big sister!

I am not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy  my photography, and I love taking photos for friends.  It’s awesome to go to their houses and see photos I took up on their walls!  Aside from photos of my own pregnant belly,  I’ve never taken maternity photos. I’ve posted quite a few of my own bump shots previously and I did commandeer Anto (who is very handy with the camera) into doing some shots of me and Astrid when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Søren. I loved my Astrid and bump shots and hoped I could manage some lovely pictures for Jade.

We had a particularly bad weather forecast for the weekend, but we planned to meet early on Saturday morning to beat the rain and gain maximum cooperation from the toddler.  It’s lucky we had an early start as not long after we finished it bucketed down ……. pretty much for the rest of the day! We did catch some awesome storm clouds as a backdrop though – and no one got wet, so it all worked well.

Jade is definitely in the ‘feeling big, uncomfortable and over it’ stage of pregnancy but I think she looks awesome. Hopefully these pictures will remind her of how lovely she looks………

Of course I had a get a few pictures of the very cute Sophie!  Sophie and Astrid have been attending each others birthday parties for a few years now and Sophie is rather photogenic, so regular blog readers might recognise her from some previous posts.

Like many 2 year olds Sophie was a little shy and had definite ideas about what she wanted to do and when, but she was more than happy to have a chat about Peppa Pig and have a good run around with Astrid. We ended up with more than enough gorgeous photos, even if I did have to keep Astrid out of some of them (my girl likes to have her picture taken!).

We also got some great shots of Sophie with Jade’s bump.  Jade will have the same age gap between Sophie and the baby as I have between Astrid and Søren.  I’m sure Sophie will be a great big sister too! She was quite keen to tell me about the baby in there, although she did thin her new brother or sister should be called ‘Blue’.

Some of my favourite photos though were of Sophie and Jade together. I think we got some crackers, and I really hope some of them end up printed and framed! So much cuteness………

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