Mr Grumpy Pants……

I was sorting through the last couple of months of photos and found a bunch of photos from early October, when  Søren’ was 11.5 months, that I had tagged but not done anything with.  We had taken the alpacas for a walk to the nearby paddock to have a play and an eat.   Søren was not in a good mood and demonstrated his general annoyance at the world.  From memory I was trying to get a few cute photos of him playing with his favourite ball.  It did not go to plan…….

Here is photographic evidence that babies do not always cooperate, and some days grumpy faces are all you are going to get.

Mr not happy grumpy pants…..

Yep, some good cranky faces there! See he isn’t, always smiley and happy……. although most of the time he is still my happy  Søren.
Eventually he decided to have a play with his big pink ball. It’s actually Astrid’s ball but he loves that ball!  Cute Søren was actually back for awhile……..


Not many smiles this day, but a few cheeky looks, some crazy hair, and some quiet contemplation.  At least the screaming stopped!

 Luckily I have plenty of opportunity to take pictures of happy Søren.  It doesn’t hurt to have photos of his other moods……. he has such an old man face when he is grumpy!

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