Waking up sleepy Soren……

There is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby…….  I freely admit I’m a little weird, I like to take photos of my babies (and toddlers and preschooler!) sleeping.  From the tiny sleeping newborn, through to the big girl cuddled up with her million toys and pillows – I love to see them all peaceful and asleep.  Oh, and the silence is pretty nice too!

I wrote this post over a year ago about all the little things I love about sleeping babies and toddlers.  At the time, I knew it wouldn’t be long until Soren was no longer that little sleepy baby.  Now he is two, he is all toddler. Bossy, chatty, cute, demanding and tantrumy!  I still love his little cute sleepy faces though and the crazy bed hair and sleepy eyes.  I love that he still has a nice long day sleep -most days, except the ones when I really need him to sleep longer so I can get stuff done!

He is still in his cot and his sleeping bag, and I’m very happy for him to stay in both.  There is no way I want him roaming the house or kicking his doona off a million times a night. Now the baby days are gone his cot is now adorned with pillows and many toys. His grey cat ‘Mr Cat’ and his blue dinosaur ‘Dine’  are the favourite bedmates.

I love the sleepy look through the bars of the cot, followed by the big stretch, as I go in to get him up from a nap, then I usually get handed a dinosaur or cat!

There is usually a sleepy face, and some bleary eyes, before big grins when he realises that it’s time to get up and play (or eat!)……..

Soren loves to sleep on his toddler pillows. they get moved around his cot, and he is always snuggled up on them. When a pillow isn’t quite enough though, why not use a stuffed cat for a pillow? We often watch him on his monitor giving Mr Cat sleepy hugs and then find him using Mr Cat as an extra pillow!

Before his recent hair cut, the bed hair was epic! It was oh so cute though……. Hey Mum, I’m only half awake, but gosh I’m cute!

Post-haircut the bed hair isn’t quite the same standard, but the cute grin and sparkling eyes are the same. Here he is waking up the morning he turned 2. Cute as a button, but definitely not a baby any more!

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