Look at me grow…… Zinnia’s 5th to 7th month!

A quarter of a year has gone past since the last Zinnia post, and boy has she grown! The newborn days are well behind us, although sleep still doesn’t seem to be her priority 🙂 The last few months she has developed even more personality and is now rolling, giggling, sitting and loving her food!

Here is the next instalment of Zinnia’s photo essay of her first year.

4 months old……

At just 4 months old, it’s the middle of March, and I love play time on the floor…. and all the attention from my big brother!

I still love laying on my beanbag, but standing and jumping on people is way more fun. I’m getting strong on my legs….

You can’t stop the grins when I’m standing!

OK, so all my jumping and giggling still tires me out. This is my falling asleep feeding act!

I do love a good cuddle from my big sister. She still adores me and tries to carry me around!

In the third week of March, my parents off-loaded my older siblings to the grandparents and flew with me to Melbourne, for the weekend, to celebrate their anniversary. I think I only got to go because my grandparents didn’t want to get up to me multiple times a night (or provide the breastmilk) but hey, I got a weekend away at a nice hotel!

Mum and Dad thought I might sleep in a cot while away. Nup, not a chance! Lucky they had champagne to make up for the lack of sleep!

I partied all night and then got a spectacular view for breakfast. My parents thought I could try sitting in a high chair so they could eat with 2 hands. Pretty soon they were giving me food to keep me entertained…..

I wasn’t really sure about this food thing at first, but I soon decided I like it.

On the Sunday we went to a special anniversary lunch at Maha. I was so cute I charmed other patrons who kid-napped me to let Mum and Dad eat in peace. They still thought I was cute when I vomited on them (a trick I usually reserve for Mum).

Back in Canberra, and it was Mum’s birthday. She didn’t get Paris this year, but she did get me giving her these grins (makes up for all the lost sleep, right?). She also got delicious breakfast in bed, some presents and lots of lovely flowers.

On the weekend after Mum’s birthday we went out to lunch to celebrate. I have now discovered that I can con food out of people…..

It’s the end of March and I’m 4.5 months old. It’s getting cold in the morning so it’s time to crack out the cute cardigans.

My brother and sister want to help give me food. I’m not sure who enjoys it more!

I’m still all about my trademark grin!


It’s the start of April and I now love tummy time. I can lift my head and chest up really well and grab at my toys. Speaking of toys, I have so many to play with. I even love my brother’s giant ‘roboraptor’ that tries to eat me!

I think this being a baby thing is pretty hilarious. Hanging out on the couch, getting to sit in the high chair and spending time in my Jolly Jumper.

5 months….

All of a sudden I’m 5 months old. I love my bouncer, but don’t sit still in it any more…..

As I turned 5 months my brother was exactly 5.5 years old. He still adores me!

It’s my first Easter. I have no idea what it was all about but I got some cute ears, a bunny and the other kids were going on about this chocolate thing (apparently even though I now eat food, I was NOT allowed chocolate). Just wait until next year, Mum. I think I’ll be all about the chocolate then!

It’s now the school holidays. The weather is still warm, and I’m enjoying hanging out with my brother and sister. Finally my eyelashes have gotten long and my hair is now lightening up like my siblings.

I love food, but boy do a I make a mess!

I adore Jolly Jumping. I’m pretty great at it now, and it provides plenty of entertainment every day!


I have just figured out that Mum can leave me. I am pretty great at whinging until she picks me back up. I do love cuddles from other people too, though….so sometimes she tricks me into being held by other people while she gets stuff done!

I can roll both ways, but most of the time I just like hanging out on my tummy, playing with my toys.

A day before I turn 6 months it’s Mother’s Day. Mum got breakfast in bed and some presents. I even stole some of her souffle eggs!

I was pretty nice to her and slept through the night for the first time the next day. Don’t worry, I haven’t been keen to repeat it. It was just a Mother’s Day present!

6 months…..

I’m half-year old! Where did the time go? I’m just as cute as the day I was born, but much better at giggling my way through the day……

I still love my bottles and hanging out with my sister. That musical snail is my new favourite toy (Mum wishes she’d lost it!).

I’m still hanging out on the 10th percentile for weight and height, but hey I almost look chubby in a 000 wondersuit these days! It must be all the custard. Yep, Dad made me delicious custard…..

I’m not shy around people (or cameras!). Yoou can’t stop me giggling and grinning……..

I love sitting up and playing with my toys. I even wriggle off the mat sometimes now……..

You still can’t beat Jolly Jumping though……..

Perhaps only baths are better than jumping. I still prefer it when I get in the big bath, but mum likes to squish me into the baby bath on the kitchen bench when she needs to. I don’t fit and make a huge mess, but it’s still fun!

Speaking of mess. This food thing generates a lot of mess! I’m getting pretty good with my spoon and fork. If only my big brother and sister would use their cutlery rather than their hands all the time!

I’m pretty noisy these days. Between all the giggling and laughing I have been saying ‘mum’ and ‘yum’ for a couple of months. If only I’d say ‘dad’ in the middle of the night!

I can’t crawl yet, but I’m pushing myself up really well. Of course I have siblings to get me things, so I pretty much just lay around whinging until someone picks me up…….

Mum declared me too big for the hammock at 6.5 months and thought she’d make me sleep in my cot for some of my day sleeps. That is a funny joke! After 3 weeks, I still haven’t slept there for more than 20 minutes at a time, except for the 1 time I slept for 40 minutes. Mum isn’t impressed!

It’s the end of May and I’ve convinced everyone I should spend my time Jolly-jumping and eating. I even got them to give me crepes for breakfast one day………

How can you say ‘no’ to this cute face!


It’s the start of Winter and I love to sit. In my highchair (for playing and food), in my bumbo, and on playmats. I can sit on my own now. Sometimes for 20 or 30 minutes at a time. I do occasionally fall over and have pillows strategically arranged all around the house. This is mum’s favourite stage. I can sit and play but she can still walk off and leave me and I don’t move. How long will it last?

7 months……..

Now I’m 7 months old! That went by in a flash. I celebrated by having a horrible cold and ear infection, and making sure Mum and Dad get no sleep for many nights in a row. I’m getting up as many times a night as when I was a newborn. Even when sick, I’m a pretty happy baby, trying to smile and laugh at everyone.

Here I am, 7 months old and cute as a button! What adventures will I get up to in the next few months?

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