The letterbox that Nic and Anto built

Well Ok, it is really the letterbox that Anto built. Nic consulted on design and painted the letterbox but Anto gets 90% of the credit.

Note that the letterbox is actually finished, and functioning. After only 7 years we now have that letterbox we were going to have within a few months of moving in. So sure that we were going to have our ‘nice’ letterbox done after not too long, we bought the cheapest and ugliest temporary letterbox. The temporary letterbox looked pretty worse for wear after 7 years of not much love and lots of yucky weather. Note the lovely rust in the photos. There was so much rust on the inside that we thought our mail might fall through one day. Aussie post have left us notes suggesting we get a new letterbox. We got there eventually.

Due to Anto’s extreme awesomeness the letterbox even has a sloping roof to match our house roof slope, and it has the same tin and trim as our roof. Very trendy!!Here are the before and after photos:

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