Just another excuse to post photos of Astrid……

I’m currently a little busy constantly feeding a newborn, so I haven’t had much time to edit all the cute photos I have taken of him. Hopefully soon some will appear on the blog.  In the meantime here are some cute pics of Astrid and a post I wrote a month ago that I never got around to publishing!

This post has no point other than a shameless excuse to post photos of Astrid! Here are a few I took last month when I was taking photos of her with her teddy Ruby. I do think they are rather cute 🙂

I’m still deciding whether I like them in colour or black and white….. Any opinions?


Then there were a few of her sitting on her chair watching some Bananas in Pyjamas…… She is looking very grown up at 2 years and 3 months! The hair clip helps, although she rarely leaves them in for more than 5 minutes at a time and her hair is usually an uruly mess.

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