January Randomness…….

Apparently it’s already February…… what happened to January? It seemed to be one big blur of HOT! Another few weeks of hot weather and the Winter woollies will be coming out, but for now it’s just sunny, sweaty, and sticky. Thank goodness our air conditioning was finally fixed the other week.  A couple of months without car aircon or house aircon was very unpleasant.  It was like living in the 80’s again!

Astrid and Soren were pleased to have their Dad home for parts of January and we seemed to be busy, busy, busy.  A few trips to the zoo, some bike rides, lots of jobs around the house and the odd visit (or 5) to a cafe and the month was gone.  
Here are a collection of random photos from January (most of which I haven’t shared before). Astrid 2 years and 7 months & Soren 3 months.
Soren……… Master, I am too cute for words, but damn Mum if I’m going to take my hand out of my mouth long enough for you to take a photo of me!

I now drool so much that my mum had to drag all my sister’s dribble bibs out!  Luckily they make me look extra cute, even the pink and flowery ones 🙂
When he isn’t trying to eat his own hand, the next best thing is any form of caterpillar or bunny! Toys, yummy…….. thank goodness I have gotten these hand things working to be able to shove those delicious stuffed, fluffy things in my mouth!

Then there was Astrid who now has hair that is long enough for pig tails (albeit very messy ones) and is looking more grown-up every day.  She went to her first movie. Off to ‘Frozen’ with Dad and managed to sit still for the whole movie and apparently loved it!  She also demanded we take photos of her dancing around in her dressing gown, with my giant bunny and wearing her Fijian ‘sulu’ while eating watermelon.

She is a bit of a poser when it comes to photos…….  She likes to give me all sorts of silly faces and expressions, luckily she sometimes smiles!

With our annual zoo passes we have already had a couple of trips to the zoo. Astrid has enjoyed her visits, even if most of the animals have been sleeping due to it being so warm. Soren has either slept through most of our visits in the sling or the stroller! I suspect he will be more keen on it later in the year.

Finally, Astrid is still a big fan of baby brother cuddles.  My favourite pictures from the month are here but there seem to be plenty more cute ones. Soren now smiles and giggles whenever he sees Astrid.  He loves her playing with him. I’m sure in a few months when he is stealing her toys the affection may wane a little, but for now they are best friends.  Astrid still tells us she wants to keep him and the other day told me that ‘I love Soren, he is my best friend.’  So cute!