Soren’s placenta tree

When both Astrid and Soren were born, we had the midwives keep their placentas for us so we could bring them home  and plant them under a special tree for them.  We planted Astrid’s placenta tree (a lilac tree) in the Spring after she was born, so when she was 3 months old.  We have been a little less organised with Soren and his placenta has been sitting in our freezer for the past 6 months. In late April we finally made it to the nursery and selected a tree for him and got it planted.  We decided on a Lilac Hibiscus for Soren as it was pretty, worked in the spot we had picked out and it was a nice connection with the Lilac we planted for Astrid without being the exact same tree.

One cold Sunday afternoon we headed out to the front yard for the planting ceremony (i.e us digging a hole and planting the tree over the placenta). Astrid thought the whole process was fascinating and was really interested in the placenta and looking at her tree. Anything that involves digging in dirt is also good in her book.

In goes the placenta……

Soren checking out his tree…… and desperately trying to grab it!

In it goes……. with Astrid’s expert help and Soren’s astute supervision!

The finished product…….

……… and Soren posing in front of his tree  – while desperately trying to escape and therefore not cooperating for a proper photo!


Here is a flashback to 2011 to Astrid and the planting of her placenta tree…….. both have grown a little since then!

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