A dollhouse to rule the world…..

After a several days of preparation and a big day of partying with friends, the third birthday celebrations weren’t over. The 22nd was Astrid’s actual birthday. When you are three, a birthday celebration can just keep on going, and she knew it was her birthday so we weren’t going to get away without another day of celebrations.

We had held off on giving Astrid presents from relatives until her actual birthday, so despite being very over-tired the night before, she went to bed a tad excited.  On the other hand, her poor parents were very weary and we headed off to bed early, but made sure the presents were all laid out before we did so.

Her third birthday present from us was quite awhile in the making.  I had a dollhouse as a child that my grandfather made. I played with it for many years, and it was well loved.  It had been living over at my grandparents house for the last 20 years or so, being played with by visiting children and cousins and second cousins.  A few months back we retrieved it and I set Anto to work fixing it up for Astrid.  It needed a new coat of paint, new carpet and new lighting installed.  Every little girls dollhouse should always have lighting and carpet right? I know mine did as a child, although the lighting is now remote controlled with lots of different colour options.

We figured Astrid would be pretty pleased with it. I spruced up some of the wooden furniture I had for it and we made new curtains to match in with her room.  It was all set up in the family room for the morning, along with the other presents.

We knew Astrid would be awake early but she knows she isn’t allowed up (other than to go to the toilet) until the sun is up on her gro-clock, so I figured I’d be up with Soren before her.  Sure enough her younger brother was awake for the day at 6.30am and was having a feed when Astrid emerged, ready for her 3rd birthday excitement.

Expecting her to run over to the dollhouse with excitement (it was hard to miss) she first spotted the wrapped presents and shouted ‘shiny presents’ and failed to notice the big one! Soon enough she realised there was a dollhouse and she was indeed very excited.   It was hard getting good photos from the couch, while feeding a small child (and it was dark) but I did get a few shots of her waking up three and discovering the presents.

After the excitement of the dollhouse had died down moentarily, Astrid found time to open her other presents……… The earphones, owl night light (also with remote control and lots of colours), Peppa pig, bubble blower were great.

…. but back to the dollhouse we went. Luckily I had worded up some friends and family on the dollhouse present and she had received some Sylvanian family animals and furniture to use in the dollhouse.

With so many new toys to play with, Astrid refused a trip to the markets (she normally loves the playground and going for morning tea) and insisted on staying home to play. She did love her new birthday outfit, and looked oh so grown up in it.

Before we knew it, it was almost time to go out for lunch.  Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Mikl made it over to our place and there was another present, a scooter.  Astrid declared it her ‘scooter ride’ and was pretty keen to try it out, at least in the house at first.  Then outside, where she got a bit of speed up and told us how much she ‘loved to scoot, and could zip around corners’!

Finally it was time for lunch. Normally for birthdays we go out for dinner, but Astrid wanted to go to Kusina, a local Filipino restaurant she loves and they are only open for lunch on Sundays.  This happened to work in well with Soren’s sleep times anyway, so lunch it was.  We invited Grandma, Grandpa, Granny and Uncle Mikl along too, since we heard they like food and hanging out with Astrid.

Astrid had her usual kids meal of chicken skewers and rice and icecream with chocolate topping.  The rest of us had a selection of dishes. Soren ate everything in sight (that boy loves food), and both he and Astrid had a wonderful time eating and playing.

Stuffed to the gills we headed home for some rest for the little ones so they had more energy for an afternoon of playing.  Astrid did ask where her birthday cake was. I kindly informed her that she had a lovely cake the day before (and there was plenty of left overs) so I wasn’t making another.  A piece of cake for dessert and an early night and we were informed that she had a wonderful birthday.  Bloody lucky, since her poor parents were exhausted after a big week.

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