Still jumping, jumping……….

Master Søren is a fan of his jolly jumper.  Astrid always loved it, and it was a great way to entertain her of an afternoon between 6 and 12 months of age. Once she started walking it rapidly lost it’s appeal as she could move on her own.  Of course now her brother loves to jump, she is always asking for a go and will stay in there for quite some time, looking just a tad ridiculous.

Søren first started jumping when he was 4 months, it was an instant hit and I’ve posted before about his jumping antics and this post has his cute first jumps. He has grown a wee bit since then but still loves to jump, jump, jump! Here he is, the day before his first birthday, showing me how the jumping is done.

These days he has perfected his sky dive move along with the cheeky giggle…..

Sometimes the jumping gets pretty animated and we have hand waving and screeching (those are happy faces, despite appearances)….

But mostly he flashed his big blue eyes, between bounces and of course some funky dance moves…..

We think he might be walking in the next few weeks, so the jolly jumper may not be quite as exciting when he can get around on his own, but for now it’s still a well used toy!

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