Some Autumn sunshine……

On the first day of Autumn it was still over 30 degrees in the afternoon. It hasn’t been a particularly hot summer, well not many days above the low 30’s, but still lots of quite warm days.  The mornings are cooling down rapidly though so we are enjoying the last of the warm days before it’s time to rug up.

We took the alpacas down to the nearby paddock for a Sunday afternoon munch on some grass and took the kids along for a play and to fill in the hour before dinner.  Astrid decided she wanted to scoot down to the paddock. She is getting better on her scooter…… we won’t talk about her bike riding though!

Since I had the camera with me I thought I’d grab some quick shots of the kids playing in the sunshine and grass.  You can’t beat the excitement of running around in long grass and the awesome late afternoon sunshine!  Astrid had a good run and jump and Soren was happy to play in the long grass with the keys.

It’s a shame they had grotty clothes on, and the faces weren’t all that clean. That’s what they end up looking like by 4pm. We still ended up with a few cute pictures.  You can’t have them looking perfect all the time! Anyone with kids knows they stay clean for about 2 minutes at a time.

I’m not sure how many more weeks we will have of Summer dresses and shorts and T-shirts.  Most likely the Winter woolies will be out for the Sunday afternoon walks before we know it!  

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