Nineteen months and no longer a baby………

It’s official, Master Søren is no longer a baby…… he has well and truly hit toddlerdom.  He turned 19 months today and at closer to 2 years than one year, we have to admit there isn’t anything baby like about him anymore.

Søren decided a couple of months ago that he was no longer going to be a baby when he flat-out refused to sit in the highchair any more. Only booster seats for him!  He also wants to walk everywhere, of course until his little legs get tired and then we have to carry him – lucky he is only 10kg. Søren, is also very proficient at stairs. Our house is full of them, but he no longer waits to be carried up or down.  He just appears magically in any room of the house, like a silent assassin. Slithering up and down stairs at will, climbing all the lounges, the pantry ladder, the kitchen stools, the bikes, the prams, and pretty much anything that will give us heart failure.  All with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.  The number of times we have sprinted from one side of the house to the other  yelling ‘STOP’  while he grins and climbs higher in defiance!

He is also very independent, wanting to make his own breakfast, help stack (and unstack) the dishwasher, help me with the washing, the shopping, feeding the cats and the alpaca walking.  The alpacas just adore being herded simultaneously by bossy 3 AND 1 year olds!

Master Søren is also extremely good at full blown meltdowns when he doesn’t get what he wants.  He understands exactly what he wants, how he wants it done and who he wants to do it. If you don’t comply you are in trouble.

Bossy, independent, naughty, adventurous, imaginative, cheeky and very cuddly are what he is all about right now. I still get beautiful hugs and kisses all day long. It almost makes up for the toddler tantruming and bossing us around all day long.  It’s VERY lucky you are cute Søren Augustus, and you give good cuddles.

Of course your sister was exactly the same at 19 months. When I found her 19 month post for comparison it was like deja vu……..  If Astrid is anything to go by, the next few years may require more wine and more chocolate!

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