Playing in the Autumn leaves……….

Autumn has been pretty non-existent this year. No gentle transition from Summer to Winter. It’s been hot then cold and damp with lots of wind.  Sadly, very few of the glorious Canberra Autumn days we are normally treated to. Even the poor trees are confused, a lot barely changed colour before dumping their leaves in a hurry.

We did manage to pick one nice May Sunday morning to have a play in the leaves and a gallop in the sunshine.  When you are almost 4, and 18 months old, running around flinging huge piles of dried leaves into the air is pretty much the best thing you can do. Who needs toys when there are leaves ready and waiting to be thrown?


When you aren’t throwing huge piles of leaves on yourself and your sibling it is good to run around in the sunshine, play hide and seek in the trees and enjoy the lovely Autumn weather……… which incidentally didn’t really last past that day!

Even thought they do fight a bit these days, they are still best friends some of the time.  It was worth the muddy and wet clothes just to get them being cute together on camera.

We did manage to get the adults in the odd photo (rudely interrupting the leaf throwing fun)…….. one day we might manage to get one with all 4 of us again!


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