….. and then she was 4!

In the blink of an eye, four years have gone by.  This time four years ago, we had just become parents and had just met the delightful Miss Astrid Élodie.  So much has happened in that time, even in the last year.  All traces of our toddler are now gone.  She is well and truly a big girl now.  Our very independent, very bossy and very clever preschooler!

Some days if feels like just a few weeks since she was born, other days it’s like she has been here for a lifetime. Of course, Miss Astrid is wise beyond her years and spends most of her time telling us what to do.  It’s amazing we survived so many years without her helpful hints!  Her brother is much the same.  We should have known that two people who are bossy, independent, know everything and are never wrong, would breed children with the same traits.  It’s a feisty household at times……..

The last year has been busy. Lots of travel, lots of play, lots of learning.  Astrid loves her swimming and gymnastics.  She would spend half her life in the pool, the sandpit or out playing in mud.  The other half would be spend cooking and reading.  She loves bike rides, both on Dad’s bike, and on her own bike.  She is going great guns with her scooter and balance bike.  In the last six months she has learnt to read and is now reading us bed time stories.  As good as reading is, maths is her new love.  We count past 100, we add, we subtract, we multiple and divide, we play with fractions and the whole world is a maths problem to her.  God help her teachers come Kindergarten!

It’s been a big year for making friends.  We have some lovely neighbourhood friends and friends she has known for years, and she loves a good play date. This year has also seen Astrid start preschool. She has taken to it like a duck to water.  It has been her first time away from us (or a grandparent) but it hasn’t phased her one bit.  She has made lovely friends and is bursting with excitement for every preschool day. She has settled in so well, and we are proud of how grown up and independent she has become.  Hopefully her love of school lasts the next 13 or so years, but so far, so good!

Astrid still adores her pets and her little brother. He is more of a challenge these days, now that he runs and steals toys.  She still (mostly) adores and dotes on him. Even if he doesn’t always do what she wants!

Here is a look back at how Miss Astrid has changed in the past year, from three and still at toddler to our big four year old……..

Astrid, you are so very clever, so very amusing and so very challenging!  You know everything about everything. You are always right (even when you are wrong). You love an argument and will argue with us about how you aren’t arguing.  If you finally figure out sarcasm, the world is in big trouble.  If you put half as much energy into getting dressed and making your bed as you do telling us what to do, then life would be much easier (and there would be less yelling and tantrums).  Life is never dull with you. Your questions are endless but thought provoking. I can see having to resort to google more and more often.  I don’t think you ever stop talking (you even talk in your sleep)…….

It’s hard to remember life without you.  I remember a time when it was quieter and I didn’t argue as much, life is certainly more interesting now! You are loving, kind, thoughtful and cheeky.  You are also damn cute….  Here you are at 4!

Happy 4th birthday Astrid Élodie, we are looking forward to an exciting (if exhausting) year ahead with you.  What an adventure your fifth year on earth is going to be………

Love Mum, Dad and Soren

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