Favourite Photo Friday – 19/6/15

A young lady is turning 4 in just a few short days…… it seems like just the other day I was waddling around and thinking she would never come out to meet us!  This weeks photo Friday, is 5 of my (many) favourite Astrid pics.  One from each of the last four years!

2011 – 2 days old

Astrid had just had her first bath and was looking at her Dad all wide-eyed and cute….

D80 with Nikon 50mm f1.8
ISO 400 focal length 50mm
Exposure: 1/30 @ f3.2

2012 – 8 months old

Astrid enjoying the last of the Summer sunshine in the garden…….
D80 with Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro
ISO 125 focal length 90mm
Exposure: 1/200 @ f3.2

2013 – 22 months old

Astrid and Anto enjoying a walk around the Yarra in Melbourne…….
D7000 with Nikon 35mm f1.8
ISO 400 focal length 35mm
Exposure: 1/1250 @ f3.2

2014 – 2 years 11 months old

Astrid participating in one of her favourite activities – jumping in muddy puddles!

D7000 with Nikon 35mm f1.8
ISO 100 focal length 35mm
Exposure: 1/1000 @ f2.8

2015 – 3 years 9 months old

Astrid enjoying a post dinner play on the beach in Khao Lak, Thailand……..
D7000 with Nikon 35-70mm f2.8
ISO 160 focal length 35mm
Exposure: 1/100 @ f5.6

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