Fun in the Winter sun……..

It’s only the first week of July, and we are well and truly over this Winter! With lots of frosts and minus 5 temperatures in May, June was more of the same.  We’ve hit minus 7 several times and this week there have been several days where the temperature has only gotten above zero after lunch time. As I’m writing this, it’s lunch time and again it’s not even zero degrees!  There has been the odd nice day though…….  A few days after Astrid’s birthday, we had a lovely sunny afternoon. It might have even been at least 10 degrees!  After we came home from preschool we ventured over to the paddock with the alpacas for some outside play.

For Astrid’s birthday I had my friend Anh, from Ana, ma Petit Tresor, make Astrid a beautiful dress and capelet.  Astrid loves her new outfit and had been wearing it constantly since her birthday.  I figured the nice weather was a good opportunity to get some nice shots of her in her new outfit…….

Apparently it is the perfect dress for spinning and dancing in.  How cute is she in her, rocking the lace and boots!  Not at all camera shy, my little Miss…….

Gee I love Winter afternoon sun, to get this light in Summer you have to be out way past our kiddies bed time.  In mid-Winter you get this gorgeous light at 3.30pm and 4.30pm…

Astrid adores her capelet and her matching headband, I think she will get a lot of wear out of both. The capelet is also lovely and warm for those times it’s chilly but we don’t quite need coats.

While his big sister was playing model, Soren was having a ball playing with sticks, grass and bits of paper and chasing the alpacas all over the paddock.  He was more than happy to stay there for hours, enjoying the sunshine and free play.  Sadly, once the sun starts to go down the temperature drops rapidly, so his play time was shorter than he had hoped.

As for the alpacas, well they love some sunny play time in the paddock, even if it means being chased by small toddlers wearing tiger hats, and lead around by little girls wearing capelets…….

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