School holiday sickness and misery……

There hasn’t been much blogging lately. Not much photo taking either. We were all looking forward to the school holidays. A break from running around to swimming and gymnastics lessons, and preschool. Time to catch up with friends for play dates, do some bike riding and go to the shops for morning and afternoon teas…. well unfortunately things didn’t really go to plan and Astrid got a nasty flu like virus in the first week of the school holidays, and spent days with fevers and being sleepy and unwell.  Then inevitably she shared the germs with the rest of us.  What’s better than one sick kid? Two very sick kids and two barely functioning adults.  There should be a rule that all the adults aren’t allowed to get sick at the same time as the kids…..  It’s hard to adult when you feel like death and the kids just want hugs and panadol.

Our school holidays looked a little like this………

All the fun plans were replaced with trying to get through the days with miserable kids and uncooperative freezing and rainy weather.  Between bouts of deathly germs we managed to see a couple of friends and we made it to the Playschool concert. Astrid had been given tickets for her birthday and both kids had been excited about going.  As I had to wake Astrid up after being asleep all day, and throw her in the shower to perk her up, I didn’t even bother taking the camera. Soren was also on the verge of the same virus, so while they enjoyed the concert, there weren’t as many smiles or as much dancing as there would have been normally.

To fill in days when everyone was too tired and sick (and it was too cold) to venture out of the house we did a lot of painting  and played with a lot of playdough.  Soren loves to ‘roll, roll, roll’.  Astrid is still immensely fond of playdough too. It may have saved  my sanity a few days.

We did manage a little baking, and apparently piping bags make great hats……..  It was tough convincing Soren that it was appropriate head wear when walking the alpacas in zero degrees!

By the time preschool and activities were back on, the kids were just well enough to attend. Then Astrid ended up with another massive ear infection……. more pain, screaming, antibiotics and doctor visits!  She was even sick enough to not whinge too much about missing preschool.

Touch wood, this week things are getting back to normal, after almost a month of illness.  Despite spending very little time taking photos, blogging or even being on the black hole of time wasting known as Facebook, I can’t say I have achieved a great deal.   Just before we all got sick we booked our flights to and from Europe for our December and January trip. We didn’t get too much further before illness struck, but the last week or so we have been busy sorting out our itinerary. I’ll post a trip update soon, but for now we are hoping to stay germ-free for at least the next few weeks so life can return to normal!

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