Easter 2020, iso style!

Yes it’s May and Easter was well over 6 weeks ago, but my ability to get anything done with kids homeschooling and a rampaging baby/toddler is somewhat negligible! Like most of the world we spent late March and all of April and May in lockdown due to Covid-19. Luckily here in Canberra we were blessed with (mostly) fabulous Autumn weather and the ability to go outside for exercise and playtime. It definitely made for an easier couple of months than for other people.

Easter this year was a little different of course. We had been lucky enough to be travelling the world, many Easters over the preceding 10 years. It’s always a good time to travel, both weather wise, and with school holidays. This year not only could we not go overseas, we couldn’t go anywhere so it was Easter at home, iso-style!

The little bunnies weren’t worried though, even after a few weeks of going nowhere and seeing noone, they were looking forward to an Easter full of bunny ears and chocolate. Miss Zinnia was not really sure what this Easter thing was yet, but is definitely a fan of bunny ears – and also chocolate……… definitely chocolate!

In mid-March when everything was going a bit pear-shaped and the restrictions were mounting by the day. I did make sure I had Easter goodies stashed away. No bunny was going to miss out. Of course Granny had also been conned into providing chocolatey treats so once her contributions were dropped off there was quite the pile of goodies awaiting. Along with Easter cheer and decorating by the big kids……..

Easter morning…..

Easter Sunday morning arrived and the big kids were straight into their baskets to check out the goodies (not all chocolate based). Zinnia spied new things on the bench and was immediately on the case. She was assisted to her basket and new bunny toy and discovered that there were also treats inside. Despite never having an Easter egg before, she somehow knew what to do and had one unwrapped and in her mouth before I could blink. Astrid and Soren were in hysterics!

I wasn’t sure that 17 month olds should be getting chocolate eggs for breakfast. I don’t recall her sbilings getting away with that, but benefits of being the 3rd child. Your parents have given up all hope of restricting treats……. Lets face it, our good intentions with Astrid came to a crashing halt while travelling Europe with her when she was 15-18 months old. She got non-stop biscuits from everyone she grinned at and was being pushed around Paris in a stroller snacking on fresh croissants and pain au chocolat on a daily basis!

Astrid – Europe, 2012

Zinnia made the most of her chocolatey Easter breakfast, downing some eggs pretty quick smart and looking rather pleased with herself…….

After I cut off her chocolate supply she had to settle for home made hot cross buns, smothered in butter. It’s a tough life she lives!

Aside from a reasonable amount of chocolate being consumed by the children, the rest of our Easter was like pretty much every other day during our iso-April. We had baked quite the batch of hot cross buns so Astrid and I walked to drop some buns and Easter eggs to friends. Play dates were off but quick chats on the door step and calorie deliveries had to do!

Easter egg hunts…….

The kids had planned an Easter egg hunt at Granny’s house but the rules in our various jurisdictions meant we couldn’t all go visit her easily. She could come to us, but was unfortunately sick with a cold over the Easter weekend so the hunt was delayed by a number of days. Since all days were the same when you are home all day and going nowhere, the kids weren’t fussed. Soon it was time for the delayed hunt. Granny had prepared the clues and prepped the hunting eggs. A sunny afternoon was upon us and the kids had their baskets and were rearing to go……

Astrid and Soren were pretty good at solving the clues but fought constantly about who figured it out first and were racing each other all over the yard. Meanwhile Zinnia, who had no idea about reading clues, happily trotted along behind them with her basket, picking up the eggs they were dropping in their haste and unwrapping them and popping them in her mouth.

Astrid and Soren did a good job at solving the clues, between tantrums about who had the most chocolate. There were a few that stumped them and Zinnia, despite having only a handful of words, managed to solve one the other 2 couldn’t and scored herself even more chocolate!

All baskets were overflowing with eggs, but Miss Z was trying to empty hers the quickest. Granny was finding it amusing. Mum who had to deal with her bouncing off the walls all afternoon, was less amused!

Soon all eggs were accounted for, no clue left unsolved. Here are this years clues, how many can you solve?

  1. You don’t want cats playing in here
  2. Where the fish isn’t swimming
  3. Where the waters begin
  4. Where the fairies stand guard
  5. The numbers are missing
  6. Chains that don’t tie you up
  7. You come here to soothe sunburn
  8. This tree is the first to bloom in Spring
  9. This is where Granny’s favourite drink is stored before its bottled
  10. Zinnia’s second favourite flower
  11. It may be the size of a plate but you can’t eat it
  12. One of these a day keeps the doctor away
  13. The Alpacas and Zinnia both love to get into these
  14. We can eat them and decorate with them at Halloween
  15. Mauve and pretty with a calming scent
  16. We all like this sort of butter
  17. We use this oil all the time
  18. Granny pulls lots of faces with these
  19. You can’t write on this paper
  20. Where the food is not for you

Eggs and ears…..

With the Easter egg hunt done, life was back to, oh pretty much the same as every other day for the preceding few weeks! This time with extra ears and plenty of chocolate eggs to consume for nightly dessert.

Soren and Astrid did both score eggs bigger than their heads (and Zinnia’s). Zinnia most definitely had figured out what chocolate was and had perfected the art of being cute to con some of her siblings chocolate supply out of them!

Easter 2020, iso style was thoroughly approved by the littlest bunny!

Easters gone by….


They have certainly grown a little since last Easter! Here they were with a not quite 5 month old Miss Zinnia in 2019 (who barely knew about food, let alone chocolate). Easter in Canberra……


In 2018 we celebrated Easter in Paris, hunting for eggs around the city and enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris with eggs we purchased in Brugge, Belgium the week before and a concert in the Madeleine Cathedral over the Easter weekend.


In 2017 Easter was finishing our bike tour in magical Sardinia before flying to Venice for the remainder of the Easter weekend. We indulged in plenty of traditional Italian Easter treats, and of course pizza and gelato!

Just looking at those pictures, wow they have grown! I wonder where we’ll be next Easter? Hopefully not in lockdown and somewhere with delicious food!

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