Birthdays mean presents, fun and cake….. mostly cake!

Anto had a birthday. They happen every year, seemingly! Birthdays mean you are a year older, but the upside is you get presents and cake! Yummy, yummy chocolate layered mousse cake your wife made.

While I was making the mousse cake, Astrid decided to try some. It was full of 80% cocoa chocolate and not a lot of sugar. It was very rich….. she didn’t seem to mind and declared it ‘yum’. When I took the mousse away we had both goth lips from the chocolate mousse and a cranky expression from being denied mousse.

Not to worry, the next morning there were presents to help daddy open! Paper, cards and boxes. All a baby needs, right?
Even better, later that morning we went out for breakfast. A cafe to run around in and look cute, breakfasts to sample and the biggest baby cino we have ever seen (it was a full sized tea cup 🙂 Then we came home and the cake reappeared. Mmmmmm cake! I believe Astrid is a fan!

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