Birthday sneak-peak

Astrid turned 2 on Saturday and we had a bit of a party for her that afternoon. You know the sort of shin-dig you throw together at a moments notice…….. well not really. I like to make everything difficult for myself so of course we had a bug and insect theme, matching decorations and lots of themed food.

 It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone seemed to have a great time, particularly the birthday girl! I’m working my way through the photos and will post them over the coming days (along with a heap of photos from our Fiji trip) but I’m way behind on my editing and blogging due to being a little bit flat out in the last week.

So for those who are wanting a sneak peak of what we did for her party, here is a quick pic of her cake (chocolate mud, which tasted pretty good). I’m proud to say that the cake decorating was started and finished in 1.5 hours the night before her party. The end result was not as good as some of my very talented friends can pull off but not too bad for us cake decorating amateurs!

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