Autumn Dahlias

Back in a time, many sleepless nights ago – before I had children –  I had time on my hands and I used to love photographing my garden. These days the poor garden doesn’t get much of a look in.  I just checked my photo count for 2014 to date and I’ve taken 103 photos of the garden and over 2000 of the kids……

I love a good spring blossom photo but my favourite time of the year in our garden is Autumn.  We have a heap of deciduous trees that put on a spectacular show. They aren’t quite there yet, but we still have quite a few flower out. The dahlias are particularly impressive this year and are one of my favourite flowers to photograph.

We have several different varieties of dahlia and they are one flower that looks spectacular at all stages of blooming. I’m not sure which one is my favourite, they are all so lovely!

Here are a few photos from the last two weeks……….

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