Kite flying fun……..

Sometimes the cheap toys are the best ones!  The $8 kite Anto bought for Astrid has been a huge hit and has undoubtedly been better value for money than some of her other toys.  The other day it was a lovely afternoon so we took the alpacas to the paddock and flew the kite while they were having a munch.

Anto is an expert at getting that kite set up and flying…….

Once the kite it up Astrid is pretty good at flying it, managing it on her own really well (with the occasional relaunch by dad).

Between flying she was off and racing, enjoying the afternoon sun………

I don’t think Astrid is all that camera shy these days…… often striking a pose and looking very grown up! She also fancies herself with her new sunglasses and gumboots.

While we were flying kites, the alpacas enjoyed their sunshine and grass munching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Soren spent his time laying on the picnic rug being cute, having cuddles with mum and trying to eat Astrid’s sunglasses.  A pretty good afternoon for him too!

Clearly, Dad’s that buy kites and help you fly them are the best!

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