The sibling adoration is still going strong……..

From the moment Søren was born Astrid was his biggest fan. She loves him to bits, constantly kissing, cuddling and playing with him. Søren is also besotted with his big sister and giggles at the mere sound of her voice, annoying when you are trying to get him to sleep! I have quite the collection of cute photos of them together, but really you can never have too many.

They have grown a bit since I posted these when Søren was 4 months. I’m pleased to say that another 5 months down the track and they are still best friends. These days though, Søren can move, which allows for toy stealing but also provides endless opportunities for games. Astrid wishes he was a little better at hide and seek but he is still a fun play mate!

Aside from the odd hair pulling and face scratching Astrid can’t get enough of her brother. To be fair he pulls my hair and scratches me too. Lucky he is cute about it.  The downside of an older Søren is his boundless energy.  Mr wiggle worm never stays still and is much harder to take photos of these days.  Luckily big sister Astrid is happy to lend a hand……

It’s pretty obvious these two adore each other! What are the chances they will still feel this way in a couple of years?  Probably not high, so best to gather all the photographic evidence now 🙂

I am very biased but I think they are the 2 cutest kids going around……  and yes everyone loves their big blue eyes, and we are all a bit jealous of those eyelashes Astrid!

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