Chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake (now with two baking assistants)……..

It feels like we only just finished Christmas but it was time for Trevor (aka Grandpa’s) birthday. As per tradition we decided to go out for a dinner and bake him a cake.  This years cake was to be a baked peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake, from my new ‘Delicious’ cookbook.

Now that Søren is walking confidently he has become a big fan of the helper stool. Not only is it good for babycino drinking, it’s also great for him helping with food preparation.  This of course means I now have two helpers with all baking activities. Twice the fun but twice the mess! Søren is a huge fan of the food processor it would appear!

Of course the best bit of baking is the bowl licking. Astrid has this process down pat and has indoctrinated Søren into the bowl and spoon licking club.  Not that he at all minded! He didn’t even complain about Astrid holding him down and forcing him to taste different mixtures.  I have no idea how Søren ended up with so much cheesecake mix in his hair, but they both had a wonderful time and all the parts of the recipe were appropriately taste tested and given the kiddy seal of approval……


Trevor had decided to go to Kusina for dinner, a local Filipino restaurant that we are big fans of. The food is yummy and it’s very kid friendly.  Astrid was beside herself with excitement about dinner, and Søren was pretty pleased to be running around in his ‘grown up boy’ outfit, even complete with new shoes!

Once at the restaurant, it didn’t take us long to order and for the kids to get stuck into their food.  Both of them love to eat out and are fans of pretty much every type of food………

Yep, my kids, they love a good restaurant dinner!

Back home,  not too late and it was time for cheesecake.  The cheesecake had come out of the oven and cooled very well overnight. I even managed to get a perfect finish on the top, no cracks!  Of course this is the one time it was meant to be covered up with cream and chocolate, so no one got to see it anyway.  As the peanut butter cheesecake wasn’t quite unhealthy enough on it’s own, we added some cream and choc-honeycomb.  Astrid declared her Grandpa to need three candles, and given that was less likely to melt the cake, we agreed.

Søren and Astrid were both in on the candle blowing out. Søren of course thought the pretty bright things might need touching……. luckily he didn’t manage to do himself any damage.  He was a bit too eager to get into that cake!


It certainly didn’t take either child long to get stuck into the cheesecake. See, my kids they so hate food! I think it was Søren’s first taste of cheesecake. Despite it already being past both their bedtimes, and neither needing dessert after a big dinner, it was only fair to let them have cake on Grandpa’s birthday.  Especially when they had done such a good job baking the cake

The cheesecake was pretty good, not at all too sweet, although very rich.  There might have been an awful lot left over, much to Astrid’s delight!

If anyone would like the recipe let me know………

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